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Hey all-if you have a You Version account please check out my blogger friend, Randolph Koch’s very first published devotional. It’s titled 9 Keys to Walking In Christ. Below is a taste of what this 9 day devotional is all about:

“How do you walk in Christ? Like eating right and regular exercise, you have to be disciplined in exercising your faith to grow in your walk with Him. God’s word outlines many practical principles that will help you successfully walk in Christ. The aim of this devotional is to guide you through nine of the keys to help strengthen your walk.”

Please comment below if you read this study and be sure to pass it along to your family friends who also have You Version. I’ve already started the plan and can not wait to read day 1.

This publishing is a true testimony to what perseverance and faithfully serving God looks like-especially when faced with multiple closed doors. Seeing my friend’s dream come true is inspirational to keep chasing after my own dreams and trusting God to bring them into fruition in His time and in His way.

I can only imagine how proud your wife and family are but as a fellow blogger I too am very proud of you Randy! Congrats and God bless. Keep using your gift to serve Abba and I know He will continue to bless you with the wisdom that is behind your writings!

4 thoughts on “Published Blogger Friend

  1. Thank you so very much my friend! Honored that you shared this with your readers! Excited to share that I just finished recording the audio version of the devotional that will soon be available in the app and I’ll probably post it to too! Many Blessings in Christ! Thanks again!


    • You’re very welcome. I know this has been a dream of yours and to see it come to fruition is absolutely wonderful! So far, Day 6 is my favorite of the days (although it’s all been great God inspired content for sure!) Cannot wait to see how God continues to use you as His voice in written word through You Version and your blog!


      • Thanks! Yes it has. God has really blown me away once again. Over two years of repeated closed doors with this organization and others and then in His perfect timing…He makes the connection and opens the door for me to serve! Wowzers! It’s not about the numbers of people but it is about encouraging as many people as possible in their walks with The Lord. I mention this because I had hoped that maybe in the life of the plan in the app/website that maybe 1,000 would subscribe and prayerfully complete the plan…as of today a little less than two weeks from launch…3,050 have subscribed! What?! I pray they are encouraged in their walk in some way through this imperfect but heartfelt devotional offering. Thanks again for your encouragement, prayers and support! You’re an awesome sister in Christ and daughter of the King….you reflect Him well!


      • Thanks Randy. Your story is definitely an encouragement to keep persevering even when the doors seem to keep closing!


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